Flooring is often the most important area of a room. For an office, a bar, a restaurant or a shop, First Priority Maintenance will work with you to find the right type of flooring. Our competitive prices and professional staff will ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

Safety Flooring in London

First Priority Maintenance Ltd have a wide range to cover all possible applications from extreme heavy duty to lighter uses. This flooring incorporates the latest technology and design. It is extremely hard wearing with up to 15 years life expectancy. The non-slip technology reduces the risk of slip accidents. Attractive design means this flooring will enhance any floor area. Low maintenance – Save on cleaning costs. Long lasting colour retention and attractive designs..

We offer competitively priced quotations to design, install and maintain, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Night clubs, Public and Licensed premises including Hotels, Fast food outlets, Take-away’s and Fish and Chip Shops, Caterers and Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Leisure and All Clinically Clean Areas.

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